What is PHP(Hypertext Pre-Processor)? Learning with PHP

What is PHP(Hypertext Pre-Processor)? Learning with PHP

PHP stands for php. PHP is a powerful and widely-used open supply server-side scripting language to write down dynamically generated internet pages. PHP scripts are completed at the server and the end result is dispatched to the browser as undeniable HTML.

PHP may be integrated with the number of popular databases, which include MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Sybase, Informix, and Microsoft SQL Server.

PHP may be embedded within a normal HTML net pages. That means inner your HTML documents you will have PHP statements like this:

What You Can Do with PHP

PHP was before everything created as a easy scripting platform called “Personal Home Page”. Nowadays PHP (the short for Hypertext Preprocessor) is an opportunity of the Microsoft’s Active Server Pages (ASP) technology.

PHP is an open supply server-facet language that’s used for growing dynamic net pages. It may be embedded into HTML. PHP is usually used at the side of a MySQL database on Linux/UNIX net servers. It is probably the most famous scripting language.

PHP Code Example:

<!DOCTYPE html>

<?php echo "My first PHP script!"; ?>


PHP is a extensively-used standard-reason scripting language and interpreter this is freely available. A full clarification of all the PHP tags, whole user guide and masses of tutorials may be discovered at the PHP’s legit web page.

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There are lot extra things you can do with PHP.

  • You can generate dynamic pages and documents.
  • You can create, open, examine, write and close documents on the server.
  • You can acquire information from an internet shape which include user records, email, credit score card facts and lots extra.
  • You can ship emails to the customers of your website.
  • You can ship and receive cookies to song the traveler of your website.
  • You can store, delete, and modify facts in your database.
  • You can restriction unauthorized get entry to to your internet site.
  • You can encrypt facts for secure transmission over internet.

Advantages of PHP over Other Languages

If you’re acquainted with different server-facet languages same as ASP.NET or JSP, you is probably questioning what makes PHP so unique. There are numerous blessings why one need to pick out PHP over different languages. Here are some of them:

Easy to research: PHP is easy to research and use. For newbie programmers who simply began out in web development, PHP is regularly considered as the excellent and best preference of scripting language to study.

Open supply: PHP is an open-source project — the language is developed and maintained with the aid of a global network of builders who make its source code freely to be had to download and use. There are no fees associated with the usage of PHP for man or woman or industrial initiatives, such as destiny updates.

Portability: PHP runs on diverse platforms along with Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac OS, and so forth. And it is well suited with nearly all servers used today such Apache, IIS, and so forth.

Fast Performance: Scripts written in PHP normally execute quicker than the ones written in different scripting languages same as ASP.NET or JSP.

Vast Community: Since PHP is supported with the aid of the global community, finding help or documentation for PHP on-line is extremely easy.

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